The Journey to Self, Connection, and Fulfillment

When life feels beautiful, we are excited and grateful to be alive. But when life becomes challenging we may:

  • shut down or hide behind a façade
  • criticize others and try to change them
  • get angry and rage at others… or at ourselves
  • hide the vulnerable parts of ourselves and withdraw
  • lose sight of our boundaries and people please
  • become emotionally unavailable

These coping mechanisms protect us from further hurt. While they serve us well for a time, in the end they keep us from meaningful connection with others. If you recognize some of these behaviors in yourself, you are not alone and you are not unlovable. No matter what you have done or not done, you are worthy of love. To be willing to be yourself, to be vulnerable, to ask for what you need, and to open up your heart to others — these are the most courageous and fortifying acts. Christina Grandy can help you to discover your true self — your gifts and abilities — as well as learn to find the hidden benefits within life’s challenges. Christina’s clients develop the courage and the self-appreciation to be deeply seen and known. With her guidance, they learn to uncover, allow, and transform the pieces that they feel are bent and broken into qualities of strength, courage, compassion, and kindness. Christina helps her clients live the life they were meant to, living and loving with all their hearts.

When you explore who you are in a safe environment you can:

  • connect deeply to yourself
  • tell and hear the story of your life
  • unlock the power to own who you are
  • befriend and listen to yourself
  • become capable of seeing and achieving your mission in life
  • see deeply into others and appreciate them for who they are
  • establish self-knowledge and acceptance to create harmony in your life
  • improve your work and your relationships with family and friends

Christina guides children, teenagers, adults, and couples to see negative, even painful events as an opportunity to grow with gratitude and joy. Getting to know ourselves allows us to develop a sense of worthiness, to show up and to be seen. We learn that we are capable of deep connection. To schedule an appointment, please email Christina at or call her at 310-614-9922.

Child Counseling

Chlld CounselingYoung children figure out how to get their needs met any way they can. For instance, if at age 4, a child learns that it is not okay to express angry feelings, she keeps her anger in to [More…]

Acknowledging, instead of judging or trying to fix a problem increases trust and encourages children to keep sharing their feelings.
Paul Parkin

Teen Counseling

Teen CounselingWhen a teenager feels depressed, agitated, isolated, nervous, or angry, the behavior that manifests may look like self-hatred, people pleasing, lying, sarcasm, [More..]

The “work” of adolescence—the testing of boundaries, the passion to explore what is unknown and exciting—can lay the stage for the development of core character traits that will enable adolescents to go on to lead great lives of adventure and purpose.
Dan Siegel

Adult Counseling

depressionChange, hard times, and big challenges can produce overwhelming feelings such as loss, anger, grief, loneliness, and disconnection. To cope, we may bury these feelings [More…]

Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.
David Richo

Couples Counseling

embracing-love coupleWhen things are going well, it’s great. But when the arguing or distancing starts, it can feel as if nothing will work. Coined in dozens of terms by top relationship [More…]

Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow, a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them – we can only love others as much as we love ourselves.
Brene Brown