child counseling

Who we are and how we engage with the world are much stronger predictors of how our children will do than what we know about parenting.

Brene Brown

Child Counseling

child counseling

Tensions in the family are often the real source of a child’s difficulties. Treating problems of children is the best way to prevent the development of mental illness.

Alfred Adler

child counseling

Your children require you most of all to love them for who they are, acknowledging their feelings and point of view- not to spend all of your precious time together trying to correct them.

Christina Grandy

Empathy on the Level, at their Level

Sometimes, children develop problematic coping mechanisms in a misguided attempt to get their needs met. If a child, for example, learns at age 4, that it is not okay to express angry feelings, she may keep her anger in to avoid rejection. As a result, she may project her anger onto others later or have tantrums. She may become shy and withdrawn, develop headaches or stomachaches, become hyperactive, wet the bed, or experience nightmares. By age 9, these behaviors can become default ways of handling stress, diminishing her expression and sense of self.

When Christina works with a child:

  • She creates a therapeutic environment that is experienced as a safe play zone
  • Her ability to be authentic and congruent allows her young client to engage with her on a deep level.
  • She carefully attunes to the child as he or she explores the issues, past and current, implicit and explicit, that are affecting the child’s life in the present.
  • Christina teaches her clients different strategies of regulating their emotions. Each child is free to express his or her full range of feelings, so that he or she can learn to process and integrate challenging, internal states.
  • With Christina’s guidance, the child’s expression of self strengthens; the child’s sense of self expands. The child’s symptoms of anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, etc. diminish.

Christina engages and guides young children on the path toward health and wholeness, customizing her approach to best serve her client’s disposition and needs. Christina supports parents and their children to connect on a deeper level, resulting in a more fulfilling relationship.

Following are some of the child counseling methods she uses in her practice:

  • Synergetic Play Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy w/Exposure Therapy
  • Sandplay Therapy
  • EMDR-Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing
  • Depth Psychology
  • Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Gestalt Child Therapy (Violet Oaklander)

According to Lisa Dion, the creator of the Synergetic Play Therapy™, “SPT is a new and cutting edge model of play therapy designed to re-pattern the disorganization in the lower brain centers, areas that are often un-addressed in many current play therapy models. Often referred to as “the new paradigm of healing in play therapy, Synergetic Play Therapy™ is the first researched based play therapy model to blend together neuroscience, attachment to self, therapist authenticity, brain development, affect attunement, physics, emotional congruence, nervous system regulation, and the projective process.” This approach to child counseling gets to the heart of the healing process for children in an expedient, safe, and nurturing way.

To schedule an appointment, email Christina at or call her at 310-614-9922.

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