Conscious Uncoupling

With divorce comes a range of fears:

  • Will I be able to support myself?
  • Will I lose friends?
  • Will they judge me?
  • Will my children dislike me?
  • Who gets custody?
  • Are my in-laws still family?

Your identity within a community is changing and you may be unsure where, or if, you will belong. As a certified coach personally trained by Conscious Uncoupling creator Katherine Woodward Thomas, I help you apply the principles and practices to move through the process with awareness, grace, and wisdom so that the needs of you and your children are met.

Christina Grandy Conscious Uncoupling 01

“Love is a voyage of discovery, marriage the goal—and divorce the relief expedition.”

— Helen Rowland

In the 5-step program you’ll discover how to:

Find emotional freedom by recognizing past disappointing circumstances and your responses to them, then transforming destructive impulses into constructive actions.

Reclaim your power and your life by releasing feelings of wounded victimhood, setting boundaries, and assuming responsibility as you learn to listen to, validate, and honor yourself.

Break the pattern, heal your heart by releasing the grief, anger, and resentment that has created painful patterns, then replacing your story of heartache with the truth of your value, worthiness, and joy.

Awaken your power to generate a positive future in your new identity with cooperative plans, structures, and agreements.

Create your happily even after with confidence in the wise decisions and healthy patterns that will expand your view of promising possibilities.