The Big Leap Home

Are you ready to tap, explore, and bring your full potential to the world? Created by Gay and Katie Hendricks, The Big Leap teaches core skills for discovering and living as your most creative, productive, and fulfilled self with such ease that it naturally and joyfully flows out.

“Where do I feel out of integrity with myself? What is keeping me from feeling complete and whole? What important feelings am I not letting into my awareness? Where in my life am I not telling the truth? Where in my life have I not kept my promises? Questions such as these will lift you out of the limiting story that you have been living in.”

— Gay Hendricks

This inspiring and powerful program will help you:

Move from concealment to authenticity. Be honest with yourself, your partner, friends, and family. Sharing your desires, fears, and needs leads to developing parts of yourself that have gone dormant.

Decrease stress, increase vitality. Every part of you is designed with organic needs to live as your best self. The way you think, the way you walk, even the way you breathe all contribute to your essence. Listen to your body and serve it with what it needs to live in the here and now.

Turn conflict into creativity. Reacting to problems with fear or blame usually intensifies the conflict. Reacting with curiosity and wonder turns obstacles into opportunities.

Stop complaining, start committing. Identify what truly matters to you and recognize the ways that you’ve been holding yourself back. You are not a victim, you are the author and director of your own reality.

Turn entitlement into appreciation. When you abundantly offer appreciation to others and receive it gracefully, you will find that there is no room left for anger or bitterness.

Practice, practice, practice. Honor your natural gifts and strengths by using them. Each action builds upon the next, moving you from the fear trance to regularly living in connection and collaboration.