Calling in “The One”

Ready for a radically different love story?
Calling in “The One” is for you if:

  • You are no longer willing to settle for crumbs.
  • You long to be met in a relationship that’s safe, happy, and whole—with a partner who builds you up and helps you realize your highest potential.
  • You have a deep desire for love but you are also afraid you might not be able to break free from your “conditioning”- the toxic patterns you were raised with. (You absolutely can!)
  • You bury yourself in your work, advancing your career – having long given up on the possibility of finding true love- but secretly you want nothing more than to be swept off your feet.
  • You know that the kind of love you want isn’t going to “just happen” and you are willing to be an active co-creator in this process.
  • You are excited about the idea that the future is not determined by your past, and that you can create an entirely different outcome through the intention you set right in this moment.
  • The journey to love begins with you.

Calling in “The One” is about supporting you in finding your way to that future and leaving misunderstandings, misidentifications, and destructive patterns behind. You have the power to create a loving, joyful, thriving relationship.

“Real love has little to do with falling. It’s a climb up the rocky face of a mountain, hard work, and most people are too scared to bother. Very few reach the critical point in their relationship that summons the attention of the light and the dark, that place where they will make a commitment to love no matter what obstacles-or temptations- appear in their path.”

— Stacey Jay

In this 7-step program you will:

Prepare for love by envisioning your ideal love story and setting an intention. Stop focusing on what was and instead focus on what could be.

Put your past to rest as you identify the patterns, blocks, and resentments standing in the way of your new life vision.

Transform your perspective by learning to disrupt and counter negative self-views so they no longer perpetuate painful experiences

Embody new self-beliefs. Own and celebrate your qualities, talent, value, and courage. No one will love and respect you if you don’t love and respect yourself.

Examine how you receive your own love so that you are able to receive it from another.

Commit to happiness. Pursue and rest in your own excitement, and joy – it is the foundation of inviting someone else in.

Practice overcoming disappointments and setbacks as you grow more mature, confident, and loving and become the very type of person you desire and deserve to attract.