Coaching Programs

Conscious Uncoupling

Divorce can feel like a dark cloud of fear, anxiety, and loneliness, like your world is collapsing under your feet. But you don’t have to be alone in your pain and it is possible for all involved to come out the other side into the light of a happy, loving, fulfilling life.

Calling in “The One”

Do you desire a healthy, genuine relationship where you’re loved with the same passion and respect that you offer? Created by national bestseller Katherine Woodward Thomas, Calling in “The One” is designed to transform how you approach inviting true love into your life.

Shift and Thrive

Imagine your ideal self – the you with every ability to achieve a happy, connected, and fulfilled life. Your external reality is a reflection of your internal view of yourself. When you shift perspective, release limiting beliefs, and embrace all that you are, your external reality will transform.

The Daring Way

If I told you that you could not fail in the pursuit, would you dare to commit to your heart’s desire? Are you ready to shed false perceptions, fully experience your power, embrace your vulnerability, and attract the life that is reflective of your worthiness?

The Big Leap Home

You do not have to remain stuck. In fact, that feeling is your genius calling out to you to create more, contribute more, enjoy more. You are sitting on a well of untapped power – are you ready to let it flow?